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Film production

Film and video production

Working in collaboration with our subsidiary company, Free Art Records, s.r.o. Ostrava, we are able to ensure complete production of various types of film and video. For example:

    • Concert recording
    • Films to promote your club, group, school, etc.
    • Video trailers - invitation to an event you are organising
    • Videoclips
    • Musical documentaries (e.g. about the recording session for your CD, a music festival, etc.), reportages (about events of interest), travelogues, etc.
    • Educational and training films
    • Advertising spots
    • Interactive audiovisual projects, etc..


All at a highly professional level of quality. Includes professional screenplay, editing, and directing. The result can be produced on  standard video formats.

You can use video sequences to enhance your normal audio CD. With this kind of CD, the audio track can be played on any standard CD player, while the video can be viewed on a normal computer or DVD player (You can use this extra video track to present your choir or orchestra - to record those special moments from the studio - to add lyrics, etc.).

The price of video work depends on the length of the sequence you need, as well as on the demands on filming and the complexity of the editing and final adjustments. Despite the fact that we co-operate with the leading professionals in their field, prices are reasonable, even for the most demanding projects, and are accessible to amateur groups, clubs, and other organisations.



For many years we have worked in collaboration with, in particular, Czech Television, for which it produced the following musical and artistic documentaries: Basnici Evropy (Poets of Europe) - 13-part series, Legendy folku a country (Country and Folk Legends) - 13-part series, Uprostred behu (In the Middle of the Race) - 24-part series, and dozens of travelogues for the show Objektiv. At the same time it works with partners from abroad, such as Telewizja Polska, Teleradio Moldova, TV SKAT Burgas, ORF, and others. As official representatives of the Czech Republic they have played a part in the implementation of the European Union Leonardo da Vinci project, aimed at interactive television.

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