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Working in collaboration with company Stylton Ostrava, we are able to ensure complete services  - from recording, editing, mastering to releasing. We record and release recordings of various genres including music and the spoken word: Classical music (vocal, instrumental, orchestral, symphonic, opera, chamber, choral), Folk, Jazz, various genres of Pop music, literary or promotional recordings, including background music, and more. We also do partial production, i.e. we record musical or spoken recordings without further publishing; digital archiving; we publish recordings made in other studios, record demos for various competitions and auditions, etc. All tailored to your needs.


Core Team Members:
Radek Roubal – sound engineer and publisher
Ivo Roubal – sound engineer
Mgr. Frantisek Mixa – music director

We carefully choose recording locations (radio and television studios, churches, concert halls, etc.) to match the genre, technical requirements, and the client’s budget. We use state-of-the-art digital technologies (stereo or multi-track recording). We are mobile and able to reach you with our equipment almost anywhere. We use a recording van for larger events. Our professional staff cooperates with various radio and television stations. We have access to Studio 1 in Czech Radio Ostrava, the recording studio at the Janacek Conservatory, and Studio Permonik in Karvina.

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